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    Emergency contact

    Please enter here the contact details of the person you want to be your emergency contact. We will not use this information for anything other than to contact them in an emergency. We will delete their information as soon as you leave our club.

    Study information

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    Badminton and X information

    When you become a member at DSBA-USSR it is mandatory to purchase a full year X-subscription. Below we ask you to provide a screenshot of your purchase. You make a screenshot of this webpage. Make sure your name and purchase details are visible. Here is an example:


    Below fill in your . You can find this number here.

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    Committee interest

    Being part of a committee is a great way to get to know more people inside the club, to help the club a little, and to learn some new skills. More information about the different committees can be found here. Would you be interested to join any of these committees?

    Social Committee (SoCo)Media Committee (MeCo)Tournament Committee (ToCo)

    Competition interest

    Playing competition is a good way to improve your skills and to be more involved with badminton. It is also a great way to come into contact with other players and clubs. If you play competition you are allowed to come to an extra training session every week. More information about competition can be found here.
    Would you be interested in playing competition now or in the future?

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    Membership fees

    The contribution fees are as follows:
    - Beginner & Intermediate training group: €22,50 per six months
    - Beginner & Intermediate training group: €30,- per year
    - Advanced & Expert training group: €45,- per six months
    - Advanced & Expert training group: €75,- per year
    - Competition with plastic shuttles (if applicable): €35,- per competition
    - Competition with feather shuttles (if applicable): €60,- per competition

    We collect the contribution fees through SEPA direct debit. Therefore we ask you to fill out SEPA authorization below.

    SEPA recurrent direct debit

    Name collector: DSBA-USSR
    Address collector: Mekelweg 8, 2628CD Delft, The Netherlands
    Collector ID: NL24ZZZ272901700000
    Mandate reference: <>
    Reason payment: Contribution fees

    By signing this form you give permission to:

    • DSBA-USSR to send recurrent direct debits to your bank to collect the fees from your account and
    • your bank to execute recurrent direct debits from your bank account conform the mandate of DSBA-USSR.

    If you do not agree with the debit, you can cancel it. To do this contact your bank within 8 weeks of debit. Ask you bank for the conditions.