The Delft Student Badminton Association – United Shuttles Smashing Right (DSBA-USSR) was founded in the Summer of 2006. The association is formally recognized by the Technical University of Delft (TU Delft) and is part of the Delft Student Sport Federation (DSSF) in the Sportscentre of TU Delft. The association is also registered in Kamer van Koophandel (KvK) as an independent organization. The official ‘Akte and Statuten’ documents can be obtained upon request to the secretary of USSR by email.
USSR is organized by volunteering students acting as board and committee members. Board members are nominated and approved by club members once per year; committee members are appointed by the Board. Members are not restricted to only students, anyone who is interested in playing badminton in Delft is welcome to join the association!
The club has a registered account:

Account Number: NL58.RABO. (Rabobank)
Account Name: USSR-DSBA
Account Address: Delft


Name and Logo

In April 2006, an informal meeting was held with the assistance of DSSF, to push forward the idea of forming a club to help the increasing badminton players in TU Delft. In the meeting, the name for the club was brainstormed and “United Shuttles Smashing Right” was elected from many other names. The name basically refers to: unite the badminton shuttles(and thus the players) together and, enjoying a smashing fun whilst playing with each other. Furthermore, the abbreviation USSR is eye catching and easy to remember.
The logo of USSR, on the other hand, was created later. It was designed by Femke, an industrial design student in TU Delft and also one of the founders of the association.