SoCo [Social Committee]

QQ: Lyndon Wix
Nick Ebben, Yorrick an Haack, Dian Veldkamp, Xenia Wesdijk & Kailun Yang

Do you enjoy planning and organizing? Are you interested in arranging social activities for members? Then this is the committee for you! You alongside 4-5 other members will plan social activities for the club! Activities usually occur around once a month and you will meet with your committee every two week. Activities that occurred during the past year include Halloween Movie Night, Christmas Dinner, Bowling Night, Weekend Getaway and many more!

ToCo [Tournament Committee]

QQ: Vincent van Didden
Nick Ebben, Yorrick an Haack,  Jan-Willem Kuijpers, Pauline Timmers & Xenia Wesdijk

This committee organizes and plans tournaments for USSR (Internal Tournaments) and collaboration tournaments (External & Open Tournaments). The Internal Tournament is yearly in April, the Open Tournament is yearly in June, and some smaller tournaments will be
organized throughout the year!

MyCo [Media Committee]

QQ: Huyen My Nguyen
Claudio Conrad, Xiangming Liu, Dian Veldkamp & Xenia Wesdijk

If you enjoy taking photographs, shooting videos, editing a website and
making posters and flyers then you will enjoy the Media Committee! You will be the ones to take photos, shoot videos and design promotional material for USSR events and be responsible for updating the USSR Facebook and website. It is also possible to join if you are only interested in part of these activities

InCo [Innovation Committee]

QQ: Master Kwadwo Sakyi-Gyinae
Members: –

This new Committee will focus on the integration of technology and
innovation with badminton. This is also an opportunity to get in contact with companies who are interested in this type of development or acquire
sponsorships for new ideas.