Additional to training, competition is also a big part of USSR, where teams of four (sometimes more) are playing in regional competitions against other opponents once a week. Competition is the best place to practice what you learn from training and improve through real battle.

During competition, you fight with your teammates for eight games, including singles (m/f), doubles (m/f), or mix. No matter what level you are now, we have a wide range of competition levels waiting for you. After a season of serious competitions, there is not only improvement in your skills, but more importantly, the friendships that grow between you and your fellow teammates!

Since 2009, there are usually 4-5 teams of USSR participating Autumn and Spring competitions.

Autumn Competition 2019-2020
This year there are three teams participating in the Autumn competition. These are USSR Mix 1, USSR Mix 2 and USSR Men 1. All information about the teams, including the team formation, competition schedule, and their competition results can be find following the links below.

USSR 1 / 5th division

USSR 2 / 7th division

USSR M1 / Category C

Spring competition 2019-2020
This year we have one men’s spring competition team. All information about their matches can be found below:

USSR M1 / Category C

If you like to play matches please send an email to Also if you only want to be a substitute, please let us know!

How to join?
Contact us to let us know that you are interested and we will check availability in one of the teams.