International Student Badminton Tournament – ISBT

International Student Badminton Tournament – ISBT

After the amazing arcade game night with DSBA-USSR, we were in for something else with an arcade theme, that is why we joined the ISBT (International Student Badminton Tournament) in Utrecht (March 30&31), which had an Arcade/Mario theme. We went with seven people from DSBA-USSR: Dian, Pauline, Lyndon, Lucas, Vincent, Yorrick and myself. This tournament was a three-day tournament with players from different countries like France, England, Luxembourg, Germany and even Enschede.

The tournament started at Friday with some drinks in the sports centre in Utrecht where Yorrick and I went to. I would love to tell you a whole story about it, but unfortunately, I am not able recall most of it, but I believe it was lots of fun.

The next morning felt like we were hit by a blue shell, but luckily the rest of the group arrived with the Jaguar to cheer us up and Yorrick could already show them were the toilets were. After a short introduction speech, it was time for our matches! There were a lot of fun matches, with partners from the other clubs and some DSBA-USSR get-togethers, with Vincent against Lyndon, Yorrick against Lucas and Yorrick against Dian in the mixed doubles. The next level of the tournament was again a party! Lots of Luigi’s and Mario’s came out of nowhere and there were some Toads as well we thought at first, but it turned out to be just mushrooms. The party started with some games of “set” and some amazing songs during the karaoke and then continued in the real party which continued until the early morning, but unfortunately Yorrick was not able to catch a girl with his pickup lines!

The next morning was again terrible and the first matches looked more like a game of “pong” than badminton. Later that day it went better and the players from DSBA-USSR won most of their matches. Unfortunately, not everyone could complete this level. Vincent tripped over a banana during the match and got injured and Sonia Timmers became sick but was still an amazing support by coughing all our opponents awake who were still asleep. It was a long weekend but with good results!!! Yorrick became first in the Men’s Single C and Dian became first in the Mixed Double C! All together an amazing tournament which we won’t forget and next year we will all definitely join again!!!


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Written by: Nick Ebben