At USSR we currently have four different committees. These are groups of people who organize something together, or carry out a certain task. Below a short explanation is provided for each of the committees.

SoCo (Social Committee)

If you like to organize activities then this is the committee for you. Together with four or five other members you organize monthly activities in which all other members can participate. Examples are a Halloween movie night, a Christmas dinner, a bowling night and even a weekend away.

ToCo (Tournament Committee)

This committee plans and organizes tournaments for USSR members (internal tournaments) and tournaments also open to other players (external and open tournaments). The internal tournament yearly takes place in April, and the TU Delft Open yearly takes place in June. Throughout the year the ToCo also organizes smaller, friendly tournaments.

MeCo (Media Committee)

In the media committee you will find members who love to capture everything on camera, create website content, and design flyers and posters. During events and activities this committee makes sure that everything is captured in photographs or videos. This committee also expresses their creativity by creating promotion materials.

KasCo (Kas Committee)

The KasCo is responsible for checking the books and all other things concerning finances. This committee therefore is in close contact with the treasurer of the board.

Are you interested in joining a committee? Or do you have an amazing idea for a new committee?

Send an email to or find one of the board members on court.