Summer Schedule

Summer Schedule

Tonight, Tuesday the 9th of June, there will be free play from 20h00 till 00h00. Bring your sportscard to put on the board next to the service desk in order to occupy the courts.


This years badminton season is ending and we can imagine everyone is looking forward to the summer holidays!
Some last information about the training and free play:

  • NO TRAINING. The final training sessions for all groups have taken place on Tuesday the 2nd and Thursday the 4th of June.
  • From the 8th of June until the 5th of July the halls will be available for free play during our normal training hours, but be aware that the hall might be reserved for some other activity. Keep an eye on the website¬†or facebook on which we will post whether the hall is reserved or not.
  • BRING YOUR SPORTSCARD, when coming for free play and put it on the board next to the service desk.
  • On the 6th of July the summer schedule will be put in place on which you will receive more information later.

In order for us to properly prepare the training and competition season of next year we would like to ask you for some feedback and whether or not you will stay and continue to play with us in the upcoming new season 2015/2016. Therefore, please respond to this membership survey. It will only take about 2-5 minutes of your time. Your respond will be very useful for us to estimate how many new members we can accommodate for the coming season and improve training sessions.Thanks a lot and we are looking forward to your quick response.
Furthermore we hope everyone will have a very good summer holiday! For the ones that will not return to next years training season: we wish you all the best of luck with further studies and all of your other plans! And we hope to see everyone else back at the courts for another year of great training and fun in September!