Tournament Season 2019

Tournament Season 2019

Tournament season has come! Some people dislike them, bust most people love it! It is not just about the badminton skills, but all aspects of the game need to come together to achieve the goal! Tournament are the best way to challenge your badminton ability in term of skills, both mentally and physically. You will face people with different playing styles, which enables you to understand your own game better.

Some people complain that tournaments are a waste of time because they consume a whole day! It really is NOT! There is a lot to gain from tournaments, you’ll meet lots of new people, travel to a different clubs, understand yourself better, and WE will experience it together! That is why we always go as a group. In game time, we support and help each other. Inbetween matches, you can do whatever you want! Eat, play board games, or eat more, or sleep, or explore the city and eat again! *I like to eat! 🙂

Last weekend, some of us played at the Panache tournament and some in the BC Delft tournament. Thankfully, I managed to reach the finals and semi-finals in two categories at BC Delft, but unfortunately I lost both :(. It was devastating, but not to worry! It is just the first tournament of the season, and there is more to come! So far I have registered to 6 tournaments, most of them are in neighbouring cities, such as Den Haag, Voorburg, Zoetermeer. So please join us to these tournaments, have some fun, experience and games – the more the merrier! If you have any question regarding the tournaments, do not hesitate to ask me (Indra) or Yorrick or Vincent.

This is the link for the upcoming tournaments around Delft.