Invitees training

If your name is in the schedule below you can attend the training. If you filled out the form but your name is not on this list, you are currently on the waiting list and you cannot come to training.

Tuesday 15/12/2020

BEGINNER (18:15-19:45)

1 Eecke
2 Nout
3 Juan Chavez
4 Maaike van den Berg
5 Nadine Hobeika
6 Connie
7 Simon van Diepen
8 Nejc Maček
Dark Blue
9 Li Zou
10 Khoa
13 Lucas van Elderen
14 Jakob
15 Gert W.
16 Stijn lippes

INTERMEDIATE 1 (20:00-21:30)

1 Nina Versluis
2 Mehul Jain
3 Xiao wei
4 Naman
5 Bo
6 David Akkerman
7 Varun Nair
8 Viraisha

INTERMEDIATE 2 (21:45-23:15)


ADVANCED (20:00-21:30)

Dark Blue
1 Nagarjun Reddy
2 Julia van Berkom
3 Menouschka Baldew
4 Lyndon Wix
USSR Shirt
5 Robin Wu
6 Daniëlle Goense
7 Juan Jennifer D’coutho
8 Vincent van Didden

EXPERT (21:45-23:15)

Dark Blue
1 Ezra Gommers
2 Yorrick an Haack
3 Mathjjs Stratermans
4 Jan-Willem
USSR shirt
5 Kevin Pun
6 Nick Ebben
7 Irene van der Blij
8 Lulu Notschaele

Thursday 17/12/2020

PLAYERS (20:15-21:45)

1 Kevin Do Cao
2 Kevin Pun
1 Alex Rizea
2 Jan-Willem Kuijpers
1 Joppe
2 Ezra Gommers

Regulations training DSBA-USSR


  • On Tuesday only 16 people are allowed in to play in the whole hall and there will be 2 trainers. On Thursday there won’t be a trainer and there will be 6 people playing in total.
  • List of players who are allowed with which shirt at the training are shown on the website on Monday and Wednesday. If you are not on the list, you don’t come to X. If you are on the list and you are not able to make it anymore, let us know by sending an email to before 11:59 AM (in the morning) on the day of the training so we can find a back-up for you. If you don’t show up without letting us know or if you are really late, you will be excluded from trainings for a few weeks. If you don’t follow the rules from the trainer/the board/staff from X/anyone who is in charge at the moment you can also be excluded for a few trainings.


  • Wear a shirt in the colour which is indicated on the website. It is not allowed to last minute change this colour and you are only allowed at the training with this colour.
  • Make sure you are already changed at home and you only have to change your shoes and take off your tracksuit.

During training

  • Always keep 1,5 meter distance between each other, don’t shake any hands and cough and sneeze in your elbow. Wear your mouth mask as much as possible inside X when not playing badminton.
  • Stay at home when you are sick, but let the board know in time.
  • Only single courts will be used (so the long narrow badminton field) and no exercises will be done with two players in the front of the court.
  • During training you are only allowed to play with 4 people. This implies that you do the warming up on your quarter of the hall and you stay on that quarter of the hall. You will only switch around with 3 other people who are in your quarter of the hall. When training on Thursday, you are not allowed to switch your partner during training.
  • Shuttles will be placed at the back of every court before the training, to minimise the movement in the hall. Also bottles of water are placed behind the court. You are not allowed to refill them during the training.
  • If a shuttle lands on another field, you don’t pick it up yourself, but the players on the other field will slide/hit the shuttle to your court only with their racket and not with their hands.
  • Visitors are not allowed. It is also not allowed to stay after or before your own training. Make sure to leave the hall as soon as possible after your training and don’t wait until everyone is changed.
  • The trainer will give tips from a distance of at least 2 meters behind the court.