Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

The 18th of December, the annual USSR Christmas Dinner took place. This year we were seated at ’t Boterhuis at the Grote Markt. The evening started out with the mysterious task of secretly answering some questions on paper, as instructed by the SoCo and receiving a playing card. Then we enjoyed the starter which to the distaste of some, contained a small bowl of chicory (witlof in Dutch). Now it was time for a game of charades, which explained the playing card: you had to team up with others that had the same suit. It proved to be quite difficult to portray some of the words. Think about it for a second, how would you portray the word eggnog? I can reveal that surprisingly, this was not one of the words that could not be guessed.

On came the main course, for which we had the choice between fish, chickpea curry and saté. Chaos ensued when we had to find out who answered which question with what answers? To this day, we still have not found out who had the meagre amount of 16 years of badminton experience. Luckily though, the floor was all ours, so none of the other restaurant guests had any idea of the fanatically running and shouting students upstairs. The chairwoman gave a speech about traditions of USSR and presented the people with an ornament from the board. Yorrick also had a lot to say, as the previous chairman of the SoCo. Everyone also received a cleverly origamied Christmas Card from the CCC (Christmas Card Committee).

After dessert, the fun continued! The SoCo tested our knowledge in a short pubquiz. But in the end, there could only be one winning team to win the Ferrero Rocher tower, who unfortunately won’t go into USSR history as I cannot remember their suit of cards.

All in all it was a very joyful evening with a fun group of USSR members. Thank you to the SoCo who organized this whole evening!

Written by: Dian Veldkamp