Introduction day: Crazy 55

Introduction day: Crazy 55

Dear members of USSR,

The new season just started and it’s wonderful to see you all playing again! The new SoCo (social committee) is already arranging some awesome activities. The first one is a Crazy 55. This will be a day with 55 different assignments you have to complete with your team. Afterwards there will be a dinner. All together: the perfect day to meet all the new members and also the members who you don’t know yet.

This day will be at the 30st of September at 13:45 and will be totally free of charge. Only the dinner will cost around 8 euros, including drinks.

You can subscribe until the 28th of September at

If you are interested in helping with organising these activities, there is still space in the Social Committee! Please send a reply to this email if you want to join.

If you have any further question, please come to us during the training or send an reply to this email.

We see you at the 30st of September!

Kind regards,
Nick Ebben on behalf of the SoCo 17-18