Friendly tournament with MBI

Friendly tournament with MBI

On Sunday, Feb 9th, we held our first friendly match of the year with MBI. Why? To keep the ties between the two clubs strong. To give members an opportunity to play with different people outside the club. And of course, to have fun!

We, USSR have had a rather significant relationship with MBI since the early times (stories would have to be told in person. Curious? Ask an early timer!). During the friendly match, there was overwhelming participation both from MBI and USSR! (I kid you not, there was a waiting list!) Two teams were formed, each with a mixture of different leveled players from both clubs (match fixing was applied for fairness, of course). There was some homemade Indonesian “Kue Lapis” offered during the matches, which Lyndon LOVEEED!! Each player is believed to have played at least 6 matches. After a relatively even start, team “Rose” won the first round. But in the end, Team “Groen” became the victor with a series of quick wins!

The day does not end there! Afterwards, members from both clubs joined for an amazing Cantonese dinner experience, where we had a chopstick challenge – everyone had to eat with chopsticks! It started off with great enthusiasm and loads of laughter, with some people even warming up their chopstick skills on chocolate “paaseitjes”. Helaas, it wasn’t long-lived. People desperately started to stab the food with the chopsticks…not long after (it was an epic sight). We had a large range of dishes from dumplings, duck, red pork and so much more! It was a new experience for many and a fantastic way to end the day. Since we are in the Netherlands, there was nothing better than to be greeted with torrential rains on the way home! (Thanks Storm Ciara!)

This will be the first out of the two friendly matches that are planned for this year. Stay tuned for the second one! Till next time!

Written by: Indra Fadly