Geldrop Open Tournament

Geldrop Open Tournament

A couple of weekends ago (March 9&10), we went to the Geldrop Open Tournament nearby Eindhoven. The tournament was organised by Pauline’s old badminton club. Some of us had to wake up really early. Pauline and Indra had to start the day against Bas and his partner at 9 o’clock in the morning in the Mixed Doubles 6. The former ended up winning in three sets (21-19, 16-21, 21-15). They also won their second match in the pool and since the third double was a walkover, Pauline and Indra were through to the Quarter Finals. Meanwhile, Bas and Nick were participating in the Men’s Double 6. They unfortunately lost their first match (13-21, 15-21) and their last match was a close one, losing in three sets to the eventual winners of the tournament (15-21, 21-16, 19-21). Nick was also participating in Men’s Single 6. This category was with a knock-out system and Nick sadly lost his first match, but Nick does not always lose. Together with his mix partner Dian he won both matches in category A of the Mixed Doubles 8. A feat which was repeated by My and I. All of us were through to the semi-finals.

Dian and My were also playing together in the Ladies Double 8, where they convincingly won their first match on the Saturday. Vincent and I were a couple in the Men’s Double 8, but that did not go as good my other matches.  This was probably because we were in the same group with the singles. After I had convincingly won my single against the third player in our group and Vincent had lost against him, the latter was in the position to block me from the final by beating me on the Sunday. Indra was also playing singles, but in Men’s singles 6. On the Saturday he won both his matches in the single. A feat which he repeated in the Men’s Double 4, where he played together with Tak Pin Lam. However, Pauline did not repeat this. She did win her first match in the Ladies Double 6, but lost the second match against her old partner Vinny.

The Sunday started with the mix of My and I which we won and by this securing our spot in the Semi-Final. My and I also won the Semi-Final, which was a feat also achieved by Nick and Dian. This meant it was a DSBA-USSR only final. It was a really close final, with the first set ending 23-21 in our favour, the second one ending 17-21 and the third on ending on 21-17. So we won, this is something we will never let Dian and Nick forget. Of course, there was also the single between Vincent and I, which I won after three sets. Unfortunately, I lost in the final, so I got second place. Indra also lost in both of his finals, becoming second in the Men’s Double 4 and Men’s Single 6. My was the absolute winner of the tournament, by winning the Ladies Double 8 together with Dian. Which means she won all her matches at the tournament. After the tournament a group of us went to a sushi restaurant in Eindhoven (not the one My used to work at) and then we went home. We had some fun in the train, because Lyndon thought I was missing, but it turned out that my phone was dead.


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Written by: Yorrick an Haack