USSR Internal Tournament

USSR Internal Tournament

Last Sunday (April 28th), our club had its annual Internal Tournament! This tournament was organized by the Tournament Committee. There were three levels in this tournament: A, B and C, each with a Single, Doubles and Mixed categories. About 50 members joined!

The day started at 11:45, where Nick gave the commencement speech. The first matches started at around 12:00. Some very intense matches were played! For example, Nicolas vs. Rayan was three sets (16-21, 21-18 & 21-18) and Pauline & Patrick vs. Noor & Indra (21-18 and 25-23).

The club champions for the year 2018-2019 are Nivya Kodimaniyanda and Bas Tindemans (who was also the club champion for the year 2017-2018). Congratulations!

Here is the full list of winners for this year’s Internal Tournament.

Category Winner(s)
Ladies Single A Nivya Kodimaniyanda
Mens Single A Bas Tindemans
Mens Doubles A Indra Fadly & Jan-Willem Kuijpers
Mixed Doubles A Jan-Willem Kuijpers & Nivya Kodimaniyanda
Ladies Single B Lulu Notschaele
Mens Single B Ashwin Ganesh M.
Mens Doubles B Kevin Pun & Nianlei Zhang
Mixed Doubles B Yorrick an Haack & Lulu Notschaele
Mens Single C Jakob Gilcher
Ladies Doubles C Xenia Wesdijk & Kailun Yang
Mens Doubles C Lucas van Elderen & Jakob Gilcher
Mixed Doubles C Wolf Fisscher & Xenia Wesdijk

Everyone enjoyed the matches! It was a fun day filled with great matches, great snacks provided by a few members and unforgettable moments between members.  Thank you all who participated this year and congratulations to all winners!

After the tournament, we headed to Free Town in the Culture building with some members to enjoy a nice dinner! After the dinner, we stayed and played some games. Overall a successful day!



Are you interested in playing tournaments? Do not hesitate to contact the TouCo.

Written by: Lyndon Wix