Great autumn competition season for USSR!

Great autumn competition season for USSR!

Full of enthusiasm and competitiveness USSR participated with four teams, two mix teams and two men’s teams, in the regional autumn competition of 2014/2015.


Soon after the start of the season it became clear that the men’s teams were going to be unbeatable. They won almost all matches and after being the division winner, they both became overall winner of their classes, namely B and C. A great result and shows that hard work and weekly training from Ginny pays off. Besides the victory of the two men’s teams, the two mix teams were also successful during the competition.


USSR 2 finished their competition with a second place, even though they did accomplish in beating the number one of the division with an impressive 6-2. Overall the team showed great strength and made sure there were no losses. Next year the team will probably be promoted to fourth class.


First time in USSR history a mix team played first class in the regional competition. An true accomplishment for the fixed players, and during the competition they showed they belonged playing in this class. After 14 matches they came in fifth place, which is a good accomplishment when considering the fierce competition from the opponents. Next year they will participate in first class again and try to improve their game.


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