Panache Tournament Commentary

TU Delft Student Badminton Association

Panache Tournament Commentary

Last weekend, a group of DSBA-USSR players headed for Eindhoven de Gekste (which means Eindhoven the Craziest) where everything is “kei leuk”, to show off their skills at the Panache Tournament. For some, this meant an early start of the day since they had to play at 9.00 am. Luckily, this early hour did not prevent Nick and Bas from winning their first doubles match. Their second match was a close call, but unfortunately, their opponents were just a bit stronger (17-21 19-21). This meant that Nick and Bas had the whole afternoon free to enjoy some Vlaai.
Meanwhile, CY took on the men’s single 7 and the mixed double with Dian. This was a great opportunity to get accustomed with each other since they had never practiced together before, which seemed to be a bit of a running theme this tournament. Meanwhile, Yorrick and My played a good game against players from STUBAN (19-21 16-21). My and Dian teamed up for the women’s double while Yorrick and Vincent took on the men’s double 7. They made the most of their playing time by only playing games of three sets.
Pauline & Vinny (a DSBA-USSR & Geldrop combo) managed to qualify themselves for the semi-finals on Sunday.

In the evening it was time for dinner and a party at student association Demos where they apparently do not guard the wardrobes and have mixed boys and girls toilet (progressive!). After a lot of quirky dance moves (have you heard of ‘the shopping cart’ and ‘the light bulb’?), which CY was definitely the best at, the group went for a quick stop at McDonald’s before heading to the camping ground, aka sports hall.
The next morning, after a delicious cup of coffee, it was time to set foot on the courts again. The practice of the previous day proved to have worked as CY and Dian played a nice game together. My and Yorrick reversed the scores of the day before (16-21 19-21). My and Dian played an exciting game against Panache but unfortunately lost in the third set. The last match of the day was played by Pauline and Vinny who sadly stranded in the semi-finals.
Packed like mules it was time to head back to the train station where there was no Vlaai to be found.

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