USSR Score Keeper

USSR Score Keeper

Summer schedule is approaching, therefore, we would like to bring back the USSR Score Keeper. Find a potential opponent and challenge them to play a men or women’s single. The results of your matches can be viewed via this page:

USSR Score Keeper

USSR Ladder System is implemented now, and the following steps are applied:

      1. You request to participate the ladder system


      2. You challenge your friends (someone who is higher in the ladder) with an official match;


      3. You record your match result through USSR Score Keeper;


      4. Your name will be swapped with your opponent if you won the match.


    5. Currently, only men single and women single will be placed on the ladder system.

USSR Score Keeper is online and you can keep track of your matches between friends. The input document and the overview document can be seen through the links or scan the QR code to view this on the Facebook!

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