So, it started with a beautiful bus ride to the land of ice which gave ample time to the people to mingle with and to know more about one another while enjoying the beautiful towns and those green Dutch grasslands on the way. We do not realize that we were at the place in no time and everyone was ready to have an experience of their life.
It was a challenge for most of us to select those amazing skates which are going to help us glide on that ice. There were various accessories alongside the skates which complements the safety of the people on the ice. When, we were done in selecting those skates for us which was quite confusing as some of us didn’t know that there are lots of varieties of ice skates including speed, figure and hockey skates.
So, when everyone tried their sizes it was the time to enter the castle made of ice. It was cold but so bright to bring shine on everyone’s face. Looking at it we thought we will glide on that shiny ice. But when some of us were trying it for the first time, it was more than simply moving on the ice. Some fell and rose up again, others were so professional to make that long sprint on the ice and make it look so easy. And some other showed their moves on ice as they go backwards and roll like a ballet dancer. This went for two to three fun, but exhausting hours and ended with a well-deserved snack break on a table with members curious to share their experience with one another. All in all this social event left a long-lasting smile on everyone’s face.
On behalf of the SoCo, warm regards, Dhruv Jagga

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  1. Cy Cheung schreef:

    That looks so Cool x2 ! Get it? 😉
    Haha! Waiting for the next event!

  2. Pritish Bose schreef:

    Most fun event ever! Once you get the hang of it, ice skating is an awesome sport. And we also got to see some professional training! :O

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