USSR, not afraid to use that right (and show it at the OWee)

USSR, not afraid to use that right (and show it at the OWee)

In the week of the 18th of August, it was time to welcome the new students. During this week they were offered a series of activities to get to know the city of delft and all their clubs and associations.


On Monday USSR was present on the Grote Markt in Delft at the infomarket where all clubs have a stand to talk to new students, and make them enthusiastic into becoming a member. Two of our very own members were there to hand out flyers, talk to (international) students, and play the already famous big shuttle guessing game. Although the weather was not ideal, since we had some hard rain, the market was quite busy so we had a good opportunity to show our great club. It was nice to talk to new people who also love to play badminton.


On Wednesday a sports and culture event was organised at the Sports Centre. One court was available for everyone to hit some shuttles. It was a big hit amongst the new students, because the court has been continuously been occupied, sometimes even eight or more people at the same time. A fun day, not only for the new students, but also for our OWee committee members who were there to play games, matches and give advice.


This time the shuttle guessing game was won by a student who did not get the exact right amount of  197, like Viet did last time we played the shuttle guessing game, but came very close with his answer of 189. Congratulations to him!


To conclude, it was a good two days to promote our club and tell everyone how great badminton actually is!
Bolt playing badmintonUSSR on the infomarkt